Understanding Storage Capacities and Pricing for iCloud

With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, it’s not surprising that people use these types of phones as somewhat of a replacement for a personal computer. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone with an iPhone will throw out their laptop or home desktop computer. However, with the ease of use and the capabilities found on these … Continue reading “Understanding Storage Capacities and Pricing for iCloud”

With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, it’s not surprising that people use these types of phones as somewhat of a replacement for a personal computer. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone with an iPhone will throw out their laptop or home desktop computer. However, with the ease of use and the capabilities found on these phones, statistics bear out the people are using their smartphones, especially iPhones, more and more when browsing the Internet. In addition, with improved camera and video features, people will often replace their digital camera with their iPhones. All of this equates to more data and the need for improved levels of storage.

For that reason, Apple has instituted a policy where every iPhone owner has access to a limited amount of storage on iCloud. Each user gets roughly 5 GB at no cost. For some people, this is plenty of space for things like music files or photo and video files. However, whether a person uses their phone virtually all the time or for business purposes, this limited amount of storage space may not be enough.

The good thing is that this cloud-based storage application offers a rather affordable pricing plan for people that require more storage space. Doing a search for basic icloud info, especially related to pricing, will uncover that a person can expand their storage space up to 10 times that of the free amount for $.99 per month. If an individual needs more storage, perhaps around 200 GB, the price is $2.99 per month. For even greater levels of storage, 1 TB of cloud storage cost around $10 per month.

Not only are there many levels of cloud-based storage space provided by iCloud, but the prices are extremely reasonable as well. Because these phones have so many features and so many potential applications, it’s not surprising that people are using their iPhones for more than just entertainment and phone calls. Many people use them for business purposes. With this type of usage comes higher levels of needed storage. That is why iCloud offers various storage options for extremely competitive prices. If you’re running short on storage space, you may want to check out these monthly options.

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How to Choose the Best Professional Exterminator that Can Control Pests It cannot be denied that most people only hire exterminator companies once they feel that they can no longer control their pests and they already need a professional’s help. The reason behind this is the fact that pest control services are believed to be needed only when there is a pest problem. Most individuals are just not aware of how serious it is when a pest problem arises, they do not know that it can damage their property severely and it can be really hard to bring back what has been lost already. The key to long lasting control is prevention and this can only be obtained once a pest control exterminator is hired. With being said, it is only right to take into consideration hiring pest exterminators who can do consistent monitoring on your home to ensure the prevention of serious damages that can be caused by unwanted pests. To be honest, it can be a bit costly but due to the benefits that you can gain from it, you are assured that it is worth your money in the long run. When termites start to feast on the lumber of your home, they will already begin to cause some damages as well. When it comes to termite damage, it can include the collapse of decks, falling of floorings, and buckling of walls. You have to bear in mind that once there are pests that starts to feast on your home’s lumber, there is a big possibility that it already destroyed a portion of your house before you even know it. Having said that, if you want to ensure that pests problems will be avoided, you must take into account hiring pest off exterminators. A steady routine that aims in treatments that are preventive in nature are offered by pest control companies. More often than not, pest control treatments are performed by these companies two times every year. In some cases, pest control companies will perform such treatments three times in one year, based upon the type of company you hired. Believe it or not, the treatments that they will do are already effective for about 12months and you can request for a recharge at times.
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It cannot be denied that these services can be a little costly, but then you will know that it is actually worth it in the long run because it can be more expensive to fix the damages on your house that are caused by such pests. Don not forget that the best decision you can do when it comes to pests is to hire exterminators that are very skillful in protecting your house and removing the pests.
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When a pest exterminator finds out about on site pests, he or she will certainly talk with the owner of the property and offer helpful options.

Understanding Systems

Choosing a Speaker System In most homes, you will find that having a source of sound is always something to consider, which means that you can have the ability of relaxing when you get home, it can be therapeutic to many since you can always get to listen to what It is that you might like, furthermore, you will find that it can always be a better means of making sure that you can always be appeased. When getting to make some considerations on the sound, therefore, you ought to be keen, nowadays, everything has changed, meaning that, it will not be like the olden days whereby all that you get to do will be making sure that you can find something which produces a lot of sounds, you will need it to be well distributed thus being able to make sure that you can attain all that you would need and make sure that you can always be appeased. Amongst the speakers which you can get to consider are the in-ceiling speakers, they are a great means to making sure that you can be appeased, likewise, it can be a better means of knowing how it is that you can get to direct your sound thus making sure that everyone within the house can be able to enjoy the music or even the movies which you might be watching.
Why People Think Electronics Are A Good Idea
Therefore, this will mean that you need to make some considerations, one being of the size of your home, this will be something you need to consider at all times, it will get to determine the sound which you will need which will bring about the speakers which might be needed, likewise, you will find that you will be able to know what it is that you can do to make them get to sound better at all times.
Why People Think Electronics Are A Good Idea
Furthermore, even if you might be having lots of rooms, you will find that not all rooms will need lots of speakers, take an example of the bathroom, two speakers will suffice, but for a larger area like the living room, around six to seven speakers will be needed, thus ascertaining that the sound can be distributed equally thus being able to concentrate or even make sure that you can be appeased. Furthermore, the budget will be another thing which you have to consider, you need to know what it is that you have to do or even how it is that it will ensure you are appeased, you will find that this can be a better means of making sure that you do not get to overspend, likewise, you will be able to know what it is that might be needed or even how it is that you will be able to attain your goals.

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Why Safety Data Sheets are Important

Data is always something which is crucial for organizations, with data, you can always be able to know of the improvements which have been made, which will mean that, you can always get to find something which can be appealing to you; furthermore, you can make sure that everything which you might get to do will be working to your advantage.

There can be numerous reasons as to why you might get to manage safety data sheets, all of the reasons will lead to making sure that the business can be able to thrive within the market; likewise, you will find that it can be a better means to making certain that everything which you will or might get to do can work to your advantage, which will mean that you can always get to have a way forward.

When getting to manage safety data sheets, you will always get to find that there can be lots of advantages which can be experienced, the first being that, lots of time can be saved, which will mean that you can always get to have a better way out at all times, furthermore, you can have a better means to making sure that you can be appeased and also that you can gain something which can be of some advantage to you at all times.
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More so, it can be a better means of saving money, no more training might be required for such processes, everything will be simple and also it will be something most people can get to make sure that they know how to do, when managing the safety data sheets, you will find that everyone will only get to do what it is that they are good at, thus not having to go through complicated processes.
A 10-Point Plan for Chemicals (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Furthermore, efficiency is another thing which you have to look for, meaning that, you can always get to make sure that everything which you might do can get to work to your advantage at all times, meaning that, you can always get to have a better means to making sure that almost everything that you might get to do can work to your advantage, which will lead to you being able to know what it is that you might get to do.

Finally, to gather all the information which you might need for the management of safety data sheets, the internet should be your first source, you will find that it will make sure that you have been able to know what it is that might work in your favor, likewise, you can have the ability of making sure that you can be appeased and also that you can attain all that you need.

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Five Step to Make Your First App

When a great idea comes into your mind, you can make it into reality. If you want to make your very first application, you can have it as soon as you work for it. How to make an app is quite challenging, but believing in yourself will help. Mobile phones are very handy for people who are always on the go, which is the main reason why applications are most of the time made for these gadgets. And if you already have a concept in your head, then you should get up and make it come true.

Finding the right app development should be your first step to become an app creator. You can actually have one for free. If you own a high-end computer, it will help you, too. A non-disclosure agreement should also be made by your for your idea’s protection. If you will already have contractors, they need to sign this agreement before starting. No company or individual can mess around or copy your app because it will be protected by this agreement, showing them that it is your intelectual property.

Your creativity will bring you to glory. Application making is not similar to business making. Delving into this is not just based in how to make apps because you also need to play different roles at the same time, such as being the designer, manager, and developer of your app. You have a lot of competitors, so you should have all the skills to make your first app work. If you think that software development is your thing, then do it.
The Ultimate Guide to Applications

In order to be excellent, you should familiarize and study the following: outlining application functions, marketing research, marketing and promotions, designing graphics, and programming.
A Beginners Guide To Options

Hiring competitive professionals will help you make your app more successful. Making the safest and wisest decisions will make your work better.

An application should have a purpose so that people will install and use it for their daily activities. You should know the purpose of your application and compare to other services. Your app should stand out among the others, because you have a lot of competitors around you. Impress the users who will avail your app by its carefully designed features. You need to let your user or reader realize the good impact that your app can give them.

All your efforts should be for a specific market, and so you must identify it before even starting. As much as possible, target a market with many people in it, so that your app will be saleable. An app should be both gorgeous and useful. Find a free app builder right now and start building not only your app but also your future. Your first app will be your first step to greatness.

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The Effects of Driving on the Environment

Every person dreams of owning a good car. The greatest thing one could accomplish is buying a car. It is a good dream, but have ever asked yourself how driving could affect the environment? The disappearance of islands is imminent if the temperatures continue to rise. Now, you are aware that cars are the greatest source of carbon emissions.

Vehicles that use gasoline and diesel are the major source of carbon monoxide that is released into the atmosphere daily. Being responsible is good, especially when you own a car. The auto manufacturing firms should find the best ways to reduce the pollution that is caused by carbon emissions from vehicles. By getting rid of gasoline and diesel it would be possible to curb carbon emission.

The solution to the pollution could be found in solar energy; solar driven cars could replace the conventional vehicles. The auto manufacturers have also made an electric car which could be a solution to the whole menace of carbon emissions. Everything should be done to make sure that the carbon emissions are minimized or eliminated altogether.
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Huge emissions of carbon in the cities are attributed to the huge traffic. A lot of carbon in the urban centers is attributed to the huge traffic. Carbon emissions have been witnessed to contribute to smoke fog.
Driving – My Most Valuable Advice

The carbon emission contributes to the global warming. The rising of the temperatures and destruction of the ozone layer has been caused by the carbon monoxide as the major culprit. The ozone layer protects the earth from receiving direct sun rays which could be harmful. The rising temperatures have contributed to the melting of the polar ice and that of the mountain tops contributing to the rise in ocean waters. If the polar ice continue melting islands are expected to start disappearing due to submersion. To curb global warming concerted efforts are needed forthwith.

The direct sun rays could cause skin cancer. To save the situation, the governments are required to come together to solve the issue.

If the carbon emission could be reduced by half then the world would be saved from the devastating effects of global warming.

Carbon emission could be reduced if the auto manufacturers could come together with other stakeholders like the governments and discuss the way forward.

Our survival is depended on the environment. Carbon emissions could be reduced if people opt to use public vehicles; the maintenance of vehicles is also paramount. By removing old vehicles from the road, the governments would be fighting a good fight to ensure our environment is safe from carbon emissions and hence global warming. These vehicles are the major polluter of the air.

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Why You Should Eat in an Italian Restaurant

Eating is very important and the places you eat at depends on personal preferences. You and your family probably love to go out to try new dishes at different places. There are many places in which you can eat out in. There are many people who really would not eat at a fast food stall because they really want to experience good food and good restaurants. If you are the latter, this article is for you because today, we are going to talk about Italian dining. Today, we are going to go in on what it is like to eat at an Italian restaurant.

If you eat at an Italian restaurant, you will really be able to experience great food. If you are conscious of what you eat, you can be sure that an Italian restaurant has some really good ingredients in their servings. Once you taste Italian pastas and the other foods they serve, your taste buds will always be screaming for more. Many people who are strict about their diet can really enjoy eating at an Italian resto because they serve really healthy food there. Italians also love using tomatoes and whole grains, two ingredients that are really healthy for your body.

One thing that people really love when they eat at an Italian restaurant is the atmosphere because it is really good. Italians love serving their customers the right way so they will play music for you and dance for you. You may have heard Italians playing guitars or singing Italian songs at a restaurant before. Italian restaurants are known for really good ambiances and a really wonderful service so if this is what you are looking for in a restaurant or in a place to eat at, you have found it! The next time you are planning on eating out, you should leave eating at a fast food stall or even eating at an ordinary restaurant because if you eat at an Italian restaurant, you will get so much benefits such as eating healthy food, eating really good and delicious food and you will also have a really wonderful ambiance; this all accounts for a wonderful time and a very worth it experience for anyone who loves fine dining. They may even give you free wine and a personal band to play for you.Lessons Learned from Years with Meals

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The Tax Honesty Movement

The tax honesty movement (THM) is not a person or a single organization. The THM is a belief or way of thinking based upon freedom and accountability. The term “The Tax Honesty Movement” was coined in the mid 1990’s, by an unknown author, to describe this growing segment of our society. There are some who have studied tax law, the Constitution, and Supreme Court tax cases, and have come to the conclusion that not everyone is subject to individual income tax. But more to the point is that they desire our government to answer the questions posed to them to show where the law makes the ordinary citizen liable for that tax and where in the Constitution they derive that power. This belief is founded upon the fact that Americans, as the rightful and just sovereigns of this nation, demand an open transparent government that is answerable to them, their creator, “We the People”. In particular – honesty by the government on issues relating to taxation of the American people.

There are some who may be shocked to learn that the income tax, which is applied to people’s wages, is a rather recent occurrence in American history. For the first 150 years of our nation there was no income tax. In fact, the first few times the government tried to enact such a scheme, the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional (1850-1913). If it was unconstitutional then, why is it constitutional now?

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, there were a number of corporate tax cases which ruled what was and what was not “income.” In general the government can only tax via two methods – either directly or indirectly. Article 1, Section 9, of the Constitution says a direct tax is a tax that is levied directly upon a person or property, and therefore, it must be apportioned among the states based on the states population. (A primary reason we have a national census.) An indirect tax is levied upon a privilege or an action, such as a corporation, or a sales tax on certain products or business.

Congress passed the Income Tax Act of 1894 which taxed rental income from real estate. In 1895, the Supreme Court ruled the act unconstitutional, as it was a direct tax and must be apportioned.

In 1913 Congress passed the Sixteenth Amendment which authorized taxation of incomes without apportionment. To which incomes did this relate? As with all things in the legal world, context is everything; in the 1943 case of Halvering V. Edison Bros. Stores, the court stated that neither the Treasury Department nor Congress could “tax as income that which is not income within the meaning of the 16th Amendment.”

What then is 16th Amendment income? In Corn V Fort, the court ruled “The individual, unlike the corporation, cannot be taxed for the privilege of existing”, and “the individuals Right to live and own property are natural rights for the enjoyment of which an excise cannot be imposed.” In Stratton’s Independence, LTD V. Howbert, 1913, the Supreme Court stated that the 1909 corporate Tax Act “was an excise tax upon the conduct of business in a corporate capacity… measuring however, the amount of tax by the income of the corporation.” Also, in the 1921 case of Merchants’ Loan & Trust Co. V Smietanka the court stated, the word income must be given the same meaning in ALL income tax legislation as was given in the Corporate Tax Act of 1909. This being the case all “income” tax is based on “corporate” income. Within the 1909 Corporation Tax Law (Chap. 6, 36 stat. 11), it states that the income tax was levied “with respect to the carrying on or doing business by such a corporation…” It is therefore settled that 16th Amendment income must deal with corporate income. As wages are a person’s property, and the right to work and own property cannot be taxed without apportionment, the direct tax against individual wages is unconstitutional.

There is also the question of WHO is made liable by the tax code. In Economy Plumbing and Heating Co. V United States, the Courts have stated that the revenue laws “relate to taxpayers, and not to nontaxpayers.” Because Congress does not deal with nontaxpayers, their laws only cover those who ARE taxpayers. Therefore, you will never see any code which says what is not subject to tax, only what is subject to tax. This case shows that there are persons who are NOT taxpayers; how then do we know if we are one of them?

According to the IRS code for the taxpayer, taxes are paid on “wages” for “services performed by an employee for his employer.” This sounds straight forward enough; But what is an employee? According to the IRS code Title 26, Subtitle C, Chapter 34, Section 3401, “Employee includes an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States, a state, any political subdivision thereof, or the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing. The term “employee” also includes an officer of a corporation.” Based on the IRS’s definition for employee, are you an employee? Most of us are not. If wages are earned by employees; and you are not by definition an employee, then you are not a taxpayer (unless you volunteer to be one.)

As most of us do not earn “income” nor are we “employees”, as defined by the IRS’s own code; we should, therefore, not be subject to the tax. This short article cannot cover every aspect of the THM, but these examples illustrate the points which the THM endeavors to resolve, honesty between the government and the citizen. As we can see from the examples above, our laws are so convoluted, misleading, and vague, that the ordinary citizen may not be able to discern who is and who is not liable for the tax. The THM simply desires the government to answer such questions honestly and directly. As Citizens, we deserve nothing less.

The First Amendment states, “…and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” This right requires the servant government to answer the people’s questions when they feel they have been wronged. Petition of redress goes beyond the history of our own government, as it was used by our founders to receive answers from the King of England to try and right the wrongs of the early colonists. However, history may be repeating itself. One of the primary reasons for our withdrawal from England, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, was: “In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”

In 2001 a group of THM leaders led by Mr. Robert Schulz from “We the People Foundation”, and others from around the country, coordinated a meeting with the IRS, members of the Department of Justice, and a member of Congress to discuss their grievances concerning individual taxes and tax law. It was agreed upon by all parties, the date was set, and it was even arranged to be web-cast live and recorded for posterity. A shrewd lawyer from the government decided they had better have a look at which questions would be asked at this forum, so they were provided a list of 299 questions. The government has consistently stated that the arguments of the THM are frivolous and without merit. They now had the opportunity deliver a knock-out blow and to crush every argument once and for all. Within a week of receiving the questions, the government stated they would not be attending the meeting; and they gave no other reasons.

When Robert Schultz and the “We the People Foundation” asked why the government would not answer their questions, the government’s response was silence. Later, when the Treasury department was asked on camera why they did not answer the petition, they responded that they would answer the petition by enforcement. Meaning, they would use force against the people of the United States to make them comply. Mr. Schultz then brought suit against the United States to gain resolution to his petition. This case has risen to the Supreme Court to decide if the government has an obligation to answer the petition of the people. Currently the Supreme Court is deciding if they will accept the case. This will be the first time in our country’s history that this question will be raised.

Who is involved in the THM? It is not one person or group. It is more an awakening by more and more American Citizens to the realization that something is not right with our tax system. The leaders of today’s THM include Aaron Russo, a Hollywood film director and founder of restoretherepublic.com, which is now managed by Gary Franchi from the Lone Lantern Society. Like so many of us, Mr. Russo came to the realization that something was not right in America, and he started to investigate. This culminated in a number of productions, such as Aaron Russo’s Mad as Hell video presentation and the recent America Freedom to Fascism. Aaron Russo has brought more than a message of Tax Honesty, but he has awakened the American public to realize that without personal involvement, by each of us, to hold the government in check, we will continue to lose more and more rights.

Another THM leader is former IRS Special Agent Joseph R. (Joe) Banister. While working at the IRS, Mr. Banister started looking for answers to the questions posed to him by the people he was investigating. After much research and investigation he could not find the answers, so he asked his superiors in the IRS. After he was told basically to shut up and color like everyone else, Joe decided to do something else and to help bring the truth to light.

There are others from the IRS including Sherry Jackson, a former, highly decorated, revenue agent who wanted to answer the questions posed by the “We the People Foundation.” We the People Foundation were offering $50,000 to anyone who could prove the average American was liable to pay taxes. Ms. Jackson wanted to prove them wrong and to collect the $50,000; but she could not find the law, even though she worked for years with the tax code while in the IRS, it just was not there. She now works to help the THM educate the American people.

People like Robert Schulz of the We the People Foundation have spent much of their own time, money, and hard work to bring the truth of individual taxation to all Americans. Mr. Schulz is taking the government to court and is fighting the battle to force our government to be honest with it’s citizens and answer our questions.

Dave Champion is a paralegal and the creator of original intent, a web site dedicated to teaching all Americans the truth about America’s tax scheme. Mr. Champion has spent years studying the tax code, Supreme Court case history, and the Constitution; and has determined that most of us should not be taxpayers subject to the tax code. He also assists people to live within the law as nontaxpayers.

Although that are its primary focus; the THM is about more than just taxes, it is about restoring our republican form of government. THM is about re-instilling transparency and honesty into the dealings between our government and it’s people, it is about re-building trust.

The ideals espoused within the THM also kindle the desire for a return to a government that operates within the bounds set by the Constitution. Today our Constitution is ignored by our Government, unless it suits their needs.

The blame for the corruption of our current governmental system, however, does not lie totally with the government. We the People share the lion’s share of the blame. We have allowed our government to go unchallenged year after year because of ignorance, cowardice, and apathy. Each session of Congress enacts more laws restricting our rights, and we do nothing. Each year the Executive passes more unconstitutional legislation, and we do nothing. Every time the legislature gives up more of its’ responsibilities, we do nothing. It is time the Citizens of this great nation stop doing nothing. The THM are Citizens doing something to help restore accountability within our government.

In my opinion the THM is the last vestige of hope we have to guide this country back to being a Constitutional Republic and a freedom-loving nation. The efforts taking place within the THM and the cases being decided by the Supreme Court to determine if the government has an obligation to respond to the petitions of the people may by the last peaceful means left by the Citizen to hold its’ government accountable. Once a government decides it is not accountable to the people, the people become serfs and are worth no more than chattel; and the only response becomes enforcement by the government.

Should Everyone Pay Federal Income Tax?

The debates on a comprehensive tax reform have taken full gear as the government faces one of the largest tax deficits ever seen in American history. The bipartisan team set by the president that is seeking to get an all-inclusive solution to this deficit is hard pressed for answers as the deadline for a solution draws neigh. However, irrespective of the solution that is arrived at within these talks, one thing has come out clear – the U.S. is in need of comprehensive tax reforms that will address long-term government funding while addressing injustices and loopholes available with the current tax code.

One of the areas being reviewed for reform is income taxes. According to an argument fronted by David Walker, who is a former head of Government Accountability Office (GAO), about 50% of American citizens do not pay income taxes, which may be a reason for the growing government deficit. However, looking at these tax from such a holistic perspective can be misleading. To better understand of these income tax numbers, one needs to have a closer look at the groups of people who do not pay.

Business People

Many businesses do not pay income tax because of the way the tax code is set. Businesses and business people will normally pay payroll, excise duty, corporate, and sales taxes (among other taxes). Therefore, even if they do not pay income tax per se, they do make their rightful contribution to the national treasury.

Low Income Earners

Other groups of people who do not pay taxes on income are some groups of low income earners. Some low income earners earn below the taxable threshold and therefore, their incomes do not qualify for taxation. On the other hand, other low income earners will also not pay income tax because their tax credits and tax deductions will offset the income tax liability that they are due to pay. A taxpayer could claim tax deductions on qualifying medical expenses, qualifying work clothing, donations, retirement contribution deductions, educational related deductions, and other qualifying expense deductions. Or, they could claim tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Adoption Credit, Homeowners Credit, energy efficiency credits, and educational credits (among other credits). By claiming these credits and deductions, they could zero off the otherwise payable taxes and therefore, pay no taxes. These tax incentives are important to promote work or to encourage taxpayers to participate in various economic ventures that are overall, beneficial to the country. Furthermore, many of these credits target the low income earners and therefore, work towards equitable taxation.

No Income Earners and Special Groups

Another group of individuals who do not pay taxes are the unemployed. It would be unseemly to expect the unemployed to pay any income taxes as they make no income due to their situation. Other groups of people who do not pay taxes are those who are disabled and have some qualifying tax exemptions.


Another group of people who do not pay income taxes are the elderly. Senior citizens will in most cases, have their Social Security distribution as tax exempt. The cap for taxation of this retirement distribution is usually significantly high and therefore, exempting a majority of senior citizens. There are several arguments against charging income tax on these retirement funds. Taxing Social Security distributions may amount to double taxation, since the beneficiary already paid Social Security taxes while working. Furthermore, many argue that the retired taxpayers should be exempt from paying income taxes, as they have paid taxes throughout their working life and they need the extra money to pay for their health costs among other expenses that they are in need of.